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    1. I love the website. We are on our way to great things in San Jacinto County. Thanks for bringing us into the 21st. Century with our communications.

  1. I miss seeing everyone. It’s time to paint this county truly RED! And weed out the RINO’S. But for now let’s show the county it’s gone Republican.

  2. It’s time the people of San Jacinto County stand up against “the establishment” in this county! It’s been going on far too many years! The only way to get it done correctly is to VOTE…… it is your freedom and right (so far)!!
    Thanks for this website. It is really first class !

  3. The new look is so inviting and refreshing. Well done Dwayne, love the changes you made and it is magnificently simple for people to find their way around. If they cannot use the tabs they can revert to “Search”. If ever you get tired of nursing you can always go into technology and website design. LOL

  4. The Calendar of Events on your website (readily accessed through your emails) are especially useful this during short Primary Season – you find When, Where and How to meet the candidates! Why meet them isn’t open to debate — its part of being an informed voter.

  5. I just listened to Dwayne Wright, the chair of your group in San Jacinto, on NPR this afternoon. Hate is a word my kids were not allowed to use in our home. And as I listened to your interview, I was filled with rage for the hate, divisiveness and methodologies you use to undermine our democracy. That was your picture. You contributed to where we are now. And the fact that your supporters at a weekend fundraiser think it ‘funny’ that your picture, full of divisiveness and hate, was used by a foreign government to interfere with our country’s elections, is completely disheartening to say the least. You don’t care about democracy, or country, only party. And not to be outraged yourself that this happened, and to do what you can to fix it, only proves that you want more of the same. Your ideology and party platform is what is going to destroy what we have here in this country, as democracies continue to be weakened across the planet. You could be doing so much more with your skills and intellect instead of destruction. I am a registered Independent because of the strategies political parties use to divide and conquer our people, particularly yours.

    1. I appreciate your comment, although I disagree. Political satire has been part of the “collective conversation” for hundreds of years. It is a recent phenomenon that we assign divisive words like “hate” to a conversation, in order to bolster a position. We are a representative Republic… not a democracy. A democracy inherently uses popularity to suppress the minority. In a democracy, if the majority wishes to murder black babies, then it is deemed o.k. I am not ok with this mob-rule mentality. The humor of the Russian witch hunt is derived from the fact that there are good, hardworking, thoughtful people who couldn’t care less what the Russians do on social media. And, they still would never vote for a criminal Clinton.

      1. You have my support Dwayne. I have been absent from the activities, but when I read Olhau’ comments my face turned red with embarrassment, and then redder with anger. Thanks for facing this guy head-on. He surely is an accident waiting to happen. Talk about extreme left wing attitude the Republican Party has been working to squash over the last 4 year’s. He said Independent like that’s going to make a difference. Blue runs in his veins deeply like all the Rhinos.

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