San Jacinto County Republican Party

San Jacinto County Republican Party -Convention Call to Meeting Notifications:

Agenda for Temporary Nominations Committee Meeting

Agenda for Temporary Organization Committee Meeting

NPR Radio spot with Chairman Wright!


San Jacinto County Republican County Convention will be held on Saturday March 24, 2018 @ 1:00 p.m. location will be at Jones Auditorium FM 1514, Coldspring TX 77331


Livestream Videos are Here!! 

Republican Club is online !


10 thoughts on “San Jacinto County Republican Party”

    1. I love the website. We are on our way to great things in San Jacinto County. Thanks for bringing us into the 21st. Century with our communications.

  1. I miss seeing everyone. It’s time to paint this county truly RED! And weed out the RINO’S. But for now let’s show the county it’s gone Republican.

  2. It’s time the people of San Jacinto County stand up against “the establishment” in this county! It’s been going on far too many years! The only way to get it done correctly is to VOTE…… it is your freedom and right (so far)!!
    Thanks for this website. It is really first class !

  3. The new look is so inviting and refreshing. Well done Dwayne, love the changes you made and it is magnificently simple for people to find their way around. If they cannot use the tabs they can revert to “Search”. If ever you get tired of nursing you can always go into technology and website design. LOL

  4. The Calendar of Events on your website (readily accessed through your emails) are especially useful this during short Primary Season – you find When, Where and How to meet the candidates! Why meet them isn’t open to debate — its part of being an informed voter.

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