10 thoughts on “San Jacinto County Republican Party

    1. I love the website. We are on our way to great things in San Jacinto County. Thanks for bringing us into the 21st. Century with our communications.


  1. I miss seeing everyone. It’s time to paint this county truly RED! And weed out the RINO’S. But for now let’s show the county it’s gone Republican.


  2. It’s time the people of San Jacinto County stand up against “the establishment” in this county! It’s been going on far too many years! The only way to get it done correctly is to VOTE…… it is your freedom and right (so far)!!
    Thanks for this website. It is really first class !


  3. Dwayne,

    You’re doing a great job. Thanks for all your tireless efforts and dedication to the party, and San Jacinto county. Stay safe brother.


  4. a super good job by all on the Reagan Dinner. All the hard work paid off big time Will not be long til its time to start up the Vetting process again. have a big game safari or maybe a mouse hunt as the case may be. ha ha. Keep up the good work Dwayne


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