Agenda Submissions

The San Jacinto County Republican Party Executive Committee is tasked with many statutory and regulated responsibilities. We are governed by the Texas Constitution, Texas Election Code, Robert’s Rules of Order, Federal Election Law and RPT Rules. These rules and regulations are monitored by organizations such as the Texas Secretary of State (elections division), Texas Ethics Commission and SREC among others. In so keeping with the many stautory obligations placed upon a CEC, we have an agenda submission process in place for executive committee meetings that should help streamline the process. Please note that the standing committee called the “club” is a place where we can all meet, fellowship and have robust debate. The executive committee, on the other hand, is where we meet to take care of the party business and make decisions based on prior committee work. Agenda items that are found frivolous or not germane to the authority of the executive committee may be omitted from meeting agendas. Please feel free to submit an agenda item submission form to your precinct chairman, no later than noon of the last Wednesday each month. The items will be reviewed and added to the agenda by the County Chairman. (note that germane items will be added to the agenda schedule as organized by the County Chairman).

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